Acupuncture is a powerful way to address stubborn muscle tension and chronic pain conditions.   It is particularly effective for inflammation processes like swelling due to injury or surgery as well as tendon inflammation.  At the most basic level, it draws blood to the area treated and promotes healing.  Acupuncture is also valuable for its profoundly relaxing effect on the body.

The style of Acupuncture used by Lisa Kerkkamp, our Registered Acupuncturist, to treat soft tissue pain and restrictions is most commonly referred to as 'Anatomical Acupuncture' or 'western medical acupuncture'.

Western medical acupuncture is a therapeutic modality involving the insertion of fine needles; it is an adaptation of Chinese acupuncture using current knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, and the principles of evidence based medicine. It acts mainly by stimulating the nervous system, and its known modes of action include local central nervous system effects. Western medical acupuncture is mainly used to treat musculoskeletal pain, including myofascial trigger point pain. It is also effective for postoperative pain, vertigo, tinnitus, local and general swelling (edema) and nausea.

We are licenced by the CTCMPAO to provide Acupuncture in the Province of Ontario. You will be provided with an official receipt for insurance or taxation purposes.

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