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Massage Therapy is effective as a stand alone treatment or an adjunct to Physiotherapy and Acupuncture for the treatment of pain and the maintenance of healthy movement.  Chiropractors, Primary Care Physicians, Surgeons, Occupational Therapists  and other health care professionals frequently recommend RMT massage to their patients to improve outcomes of treatment.

Registered Massage Therapy is highly recommended for general and specific treatment of muscular pain. Using techniques based upon the principles of Swedish massage, RMTs are able to identify and ease most problems related to body pain. In addition, we are a very valuable ally in the prevention of pain due to postural concerns, overuse, or poor form when exercising.

When you visit, we will consult with you regarding what brings you in for treatment and offer ideas on how we can help.  During your treatment we will work directly - and sometimes indirectly - on the areas of concern. Everything, from your level of undress to the pressure being used, is always done with your level of comfort in mind.

Your RMT will check in with you frequently to make sure that you are receiving the best care possible. After your session, we may offer exercises and stretches to increase and prolong the benefit of your treatment.

We are registered massage therapists in the Province of Ontario. You will be provided with an official receipt for insurance or taxation purposes.

Massage Therapy