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Prenatal Massage Therapy

Prenatal Massage Therapy can be a key component to an enjoyable pregnancy. As the body changes and your centre of gravity shifts, it is likely you will experience some discomfort. When your belly grows, it also becomes less easy to get a good stretch in areas like your legs, back and glutes. Change happens fast and your body does not have much time to adapt - resulting in tight and overtaxed muscles.

As experienced RMTs, we are able to safely and effectively offer relief for tight legs and glutes, tired backs and swollen ankles and wrists. We use all the same techniques we use for a therapeutic or relaxation massage; warming up the tissue, working sore muscles with the pressure of your choice (yes, sometimes deep tissue is ok!) and addressing knots and tender points. The main difference is the position you will be in on the table. We offer the choice of laying face-down, using our maternity support system, which can be heaven for anyone in their first or second trimesters. If you would rather lay on your side; we prop you up with lots of pillows to make sure you are comfortable during your treatment.