Our Team of Qualified Health Care Providers

All of our RMTs are trained in prenatal, deep tissue and relaxation massage.

Specialties are noted in our profiles.


Registered Massage Therapist, Co-Owner &  Clinic Manager

Lucas is a skilled massage therapist, and enjoys focusing on sports massage, deep tissue and rehabilitation from injuries and surgeries. Combining therapeutic massage, cupping, and fascial release for great results.  Detailed exercises and stretches are key takeaways and help maintain the effect between massages.  Lucas is always looking for helpful modalities to increase the effectiveness of treaments.  Recently, he has added Hot Stone Massage to his toolkit - it's a must for stiff and sore muscles!

Lucas also has a degree in Psychology, and is fluent in both French and Portuguese.


Registered Massage Therapist

Ciara brings eight years of treatment experience and exercise theory to her practice here at Annex RMT.  Using just the right mix of deep tissue work and fluid relaxation techniques, Ciara offers a comforting massage with results.  She is a proponent of regular massage as maintenance for the prevention of injury and management of pain - especially for people who find it difficult to fit self care into a busy schedule.   As a Mom, she is especially interested in massage for active kids and teenagers who can benefit from learning to communicate with an understanding adult, as well as addressing physical aches and pains.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist RTCMP

Lee Sheng is a licensed professional in the fields of Acupuncture, Tao Shiatsu Therapy, and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, and has been in private practice since 1993. She received diplomas in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine from the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, followed by hospital training at Shangdong University of T.C.M. and a certificate in Cosmetic Acupuncture/Herbal Medicine at the Beijing Institute of Acupuncture. Complementing this are graduate qualifications in both Zen Shiatsu and Tao Shiatsu in Canada and Japan. Subsequent training includes Japanese-style Reiki.

Lee has been a practitioner, workshop leader, and facilitator providing a compassionate, attentive and holistic approach to individual and corporate clients including many movie actors for 20 years. She has dealt with a variety of diseases and symptoms, including Pain and Stress management, injury related problems, and has treated menopausal-related issues.

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Registered Massage Therapist

Physiotherapy Resident

Kevin graduated from Sutherland-Chan in 2016 and has since been working as an RMT. He utilizes sports massage, deep tissue and general Swedish massage techniques regularly in his practice in combination with remedial exercises to effectively target and treat the cause of discomfort or pain rather than just treating the symptoms. He works closely with clients to address their specific goals, whether it be rehabilitation or relaxation!


Kevin graduated from Queen’s U. with a Master’s in Physiotherapy and is working towards becoming a fully licensed Physiotherapist. During his schooling Kevin has combined his knowledge of manual therapy with assessments and different modalities to treat athletes, geriatric patients, post-operative patients. He also has experience treating vestibular conditions including vertigo. Kevin believes in a holistic approach to healthcare and strives to get clients back to what they enjoy doing!


Senior Physiotherapist, Neurokinetic Therapist
AiM Practitioner & Certified Acupuncture Provider

Xsenia uses a functional approach to assessment and treatment, using hands-on therapy combined with acupuncture.  Xsenia incorporates Neurokinetic Therapy and other functional assessment tools in order to best identify and treat the origin versus symptoms only.  Her focus on client-specific treatment planning is key to best outcomes.


Registered Massage Therapist

Irina Soldatkina is a graduate from Kikkawa College in 2005 and has over 13 years of clinical experience working with sports injuries, frozen shoulder conditions, rehabilitation after surgery and MVA clients. She specializes in deep tissue, active releases, myofascial releases and trigger point therapy. She also does pregnancy and post natal massages.


Irina has worked in a variety of multidisciplinary clinics as well as luxury spas providing the proper care according to client needs. Her treatment goal is to help the body restore and heal itself through the release of the fascia restriction in the body.


Registered Massage Therapist

Eric is a graduate of Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy.  He comes to massage after seven years as a professional dancer.  Massage therapy has helped keep him moving throughout his dancing career.  His dance experience complements his qualities as a therapist, bringing an integrated knowledge of anatomy and the needs of dancers, as well as a meditative flow to his treatments.  Through his clinical experience Eric has also seen the benefits massage has brought to seniors and adults with developmental disabilities.  Eric is still performing and can be found teaching ballet to adults at both InStudio and The Fifth here in Toronto.


Registered Massage Therapist

Christine graduated with honours from Mohawk College’s Massage Therapy program. She has experience working with seniors, children and elite athletes. Christine has been the primary therapist for several Team Canada Powerlifting athletes. She uses a wide variety of Swedish massage, deep tissue and myo-fascial techniques to address client goals, whether they be relaxation, injury rehabilitation or pain management. 


Registered Massage Therapist

Amanda completed her diploma at Everest College and is a new RMT with a passion for massage therapy. She is skilled and offers a variety of therapeutic techniques, including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Prenatal, and Hot Stone massage. Come experience a soothing scalp massage integrated with aroma therapy for effective migraine relief!


Registered Massage Therapist

Gillian is a holistic therapist specializing in Swedish massage and excelling in deep tissue musculoskeletal manipulations, myo-fascial techniques, active release therapy and sports massage. She has had experience working with athletic teams, motor vehicle victims, rehabilitation clients, chronic stress and pain clients and those just wishing to relax and melt away.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist RTCMP

Matt Walton R.TCMP, R.Ac is a registered acupuncturist, advanced TCM practitioner, and the founder & director of Roots to Sky Health & Guidance. Focussing his practice on stress/mental health, digestive, menstrual, sleep, and pain management - Matt wows his clients with comprehensive training programs and an endless toolbox towards uprooting the mental, emotional, and physical blocks from his clients' paths towards living their highest potentials. 


He is an authority in integrated Chinese medicine, advanced herbal formulations, acupuncture, nutrition, life coaching, dreamwork & energy medicine. Visit his website at to learn so much more about Matt's unique approach to wholistically designing your Inspired Life.


Alexander Technique 

Caprice Boisvert is a teacher of the Alexander Technique, the Pilates Method, and Kripalu Yoga. She has a keen interest in anatomy, biomechanics, and how the body is designed to move. She has experience with scoliosis, hip & knee replacement, tendonitis (RSI), Parkinson’s, stenosis and cerebral palsy. Click to watch Caprice working with a patient with PD

Caprice has practiced Alexander Technique since 2003.  She trained with Susan Sinclair in Toronto and qualified as a teacher in 2012. During her training, she worked with Martha Fertman (Philadelphia), Sakiko Ishitsubo (Tokyo), Rosa Luisa Rossi (Zurich), and Peter Nobes (London). She is a teaching member of ATI (Alexander Technique International). Caprice has completed some post-graduate work with Paul Versteeg and Tessa Marwick (Amsterdam). She is also studying how to combine Cranio-Sacral Therapy with Alexander Technique with Elke Mastwijk (Amsterdam).

Caprice has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto.


Orthotics Pedorthist CPed(C)

As a Pedorthist, Meghan provides start-to-finish care for your foot and lower limb pain. From a biomechanical and gait analysis through to casting and hand-crafting your custom foot orthotics, Meghan provides you with personalized treatment.  Follow up appointments and adjustments are included in your orthotics package.

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