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Z-Health Performance:

Training Based on Neuroscience

Pain Reduction

Performance Enhancement

Everything you have ever felt or done in your life was due to brain function. At the most basic level, the intricate firing rates and patterns of your brain both determine who you have been and, more importantly, who you will become. At the most basic level, all human change represents changes in that individual’s nervous system.  All that we are is brain-derived.

Vision Training

 Vision is a skill that lives in the brain, not just in the eyes. It's way more complicated than just having 20/20 vision. The eyes are involved in many chronic pain issues, and great sports performance requires a high degree of visual integration.

Balance Training

The Vestibular System is a like motion sensor in your inner ear.  It helps your muscles, eyes and spine to coordinate movement. If it doesn't function well, you may have pain, dizziness and movement problems 

Joint Mobility

Jammed joints can create pain and weak muscles. Many movement training systems are too general or too complex to teach you how to mobilize the specific areas that are locked up.

Your Brain is in charge of everything that happens in your body. While anatomy, physiology and kinesiology are all important, the typical application of these sciences often neglects the CONTROLLER of movement—the human nervous system! With this missing piece in mind, Z-Health offers a precise, brain-based rehabilitation and high-performance training system, specifically designed to bridge the gap between the current biomechanical model and emerging neuroscience.

Precise Strength training

Weak muscles aren't easy to activate. Re-engaging those muscles may require precise cues and sensory feedback to help you learn how to activate them.


You take 23,000 breaths per day, and oxygen is a main fuel supply for your brain. Breathing affects multiple systems, and the way that you breathe impacts many areas of your life.

Habit Change

There is a science to habit change. We develop practical, personalized strategies to help you fit your training into your busy life, and build productive habits that lead to success.

The nervous system is the master control system of the body, and it only does three things (just in incredibly complex ways):

  • Takes in information from the sensory systems (input)

  • Interprets the information and decides what to do with it

  • Creates motor and cognitive outputs based on the available information 

Because each of these factors carry equal importance in how we feel, move and perform, Z-Health professionals are experts in assessing and training each component of the total neural loop.
Z-Health Coaches look at many potential areas where problems can occur. This includes vision, vestibular function, breathing, introception, joint mobility, sensation, strength, behaviour, and more.

"The goal of any rehabilitation intervention is to re-engage those neural systems rendered dysfunctional, from injury or disuse"

- Jeffrey Kleim, Phd.

Your first hour of Z-Health Coaching includes an extra 30 minutes at no charge. This gives us a chance to get to know you and take a detailed history which helps direct the assessments. We'll talk about what you hope to get out of the process, and direct our efforts towards your individual goals. We design a customized neuro training program aimed at multiple systems in the body, based on the way you respond to different exercises.


Training can focus on many different areas: pain reduction, athletic performance, general fitness and conditioning, sports specific skills for new athletes, etc. In retraining the brain, there is the opportunity to address issues in our lives that go beyond pain and movement. Brain function affects every single aspect of our lives.