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Acupuncture is more than just needles!

Updated: Feb 18

Acupuncture is not just for pain or on-going issues. Acupuncture treatment is highly sought out for preventative measures as well as for maintenance of proper health.

Acupuncture that is backed by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Theories has a powerful component in helping the body recover or reboot the functions of our organs and energy. Acupuncture has famously been known to help alleviate pain, but the lesser known fact about acupuncture is that it can support the body to work optimally. What is optimal? Being able to sleep through the night without waking up, feeling refreshed in the morning, absence of bloating, nausea, and digestion-related issues, regular bowel movements every day, and the ability to focus & concentrate.

In TCM, organs have special relationships to each other such that when there is an imbalance, certain signs and symptoms may arise. For example, there is a special relationship between the heart and the kidneys. In TCM, the heart is considered a fire element and the kidneys are considered a water element. If there is an imbalance in one of these organs, problems may arise such as anxiety, insomnia, night sweating, frequent palpitations and more. Balancing between what is lacking and clearing what is in excess among these two organs may help with one or all these symptoms. Balancing is achieved by meticulously choosing acupuncture points that are backed by TCM theories. Every acupuncture point has similar functions in the body such as improving circulation in the area where the acupuncture needle is inserted, but some hold unique functions such as improving digestion and increasing the body’s ability to produce more blood and energy.

This is just one of the relationships in the body, and there are many more. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been thriving for centuries, and it is still thriving because it works! Think of your health as an investment, not an expense.

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