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Keeping Your Growing Child Healthy

Osteopathic treatments for kids, teenagers and all stages of adolescence

Adolescence is the period of transition between childhood and adulthood. This is the time when some big changes happen- to the body, and the way a young person relates and sees the world. The many physical changes and emotional changes that happen during this time can bring anticipation and anxiety for both children and their families. Every parent’s priority is to provide the best support and environment for their child’s development and growth.

At every stage of adolescence, the body is still growing and developing, while coping with varied demands from sports, studying and other social and physical activities. Whether your child is in school or college or university, carrying heavy school bags coupled with studying in awkward sustained positions can lead to postural imbalances and pain. Along with that, the increased use of technology such as, smartphones and tablets can affect the posture and lead to upper back pain, neck pain and even headaches.

The child/teenager may complain of:

· Generalized pain and aches

· Minor sports injuries and tensions

· Shoulder, elbow and wrist issues

· Neck and shoulder problems

· Hip, knee, ankle and foot pain

· Digestive problems

And much more...

Osteopathic care can provide support and care during this time of transition and helps to integrate changes and balance the body. Osteopathy is safe and gentle profession which suits people of all ages, including children and teenagers with sporting injuries, growth related pains and help with postural issues as well. Osteopathic Manual Practitioners generally use a wide range of gentle hands-on techniques that focus on releasing tension, improving mobility and optimizing function.

Give your child the chance to experience the benefits of OSTEOPATHY!

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