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Osteopathy and Work Strain

Musculoskeletal problems are the most common work-related problems in todays society. Most of work-related issues are cumulative disorders, resulting from repeated exposure to high or low intensity loads over a long period of time. Osteopathy can successfully treat many of the common problems resulting from work strain.

Debilitating conditions due to injury at work can result in result in disorders of the muscles, tendons and joints, particularly in the back, neck, hands and arms. Symptoms may vary from mild aches to severe pain, headaches. Working in an environment of high levels of stress, tight deadlines and fewer breaks may result in postural changes and painful muscular tension. And when we have less time to exercise, our ability to counteract the sitting posture diminishes and it really turns up the volume on your pain and discomfort.

Common causes of injury/strain at workplace can include any of the following leading to various aches and pains and other common MSK conditions:

· Awkward lifting and carrying with poor lifting techniques

· Bending

· Prolonged desk work

· Driving long distances and long hours

· Over stretching

· Extended periods of repetitive motion

· Long periods of computer work without breaks

These who drive for a living need to be aware of their driving position as it affects not only their back, neck and shoulders but also can affect hips, knees and feet. Furthermore workplace stress can increase the amount of pain you feel by causing muscle tension and spasms.

Osteopathic Manual Practitioners are skilled in recognizing the variety of effects work strain may have and able to successfully treat many of the resulting conditions. Book an appointment today or email us to learn more!

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