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Osteopathy for Young Athletes

In today's modern era, sports have become an important part of any education system in the world. Many teenagers and young kids are practicing sports from a very early stage all the way to higher level competitions. Spending long hours at practices and balancing it along with academics can be very challenging and stressful. This stress can often lead to injuries on the playing field for the young athletes. Young athletes are often reluctant to tell their parents or coaches that they have been hurt for fear of being out of the sport. It is important that we don't let these injuries go unchecked.

Osteopathy can help these young athletes to control their body and mind. Pursuing regular osteopathic treatment prior to the start of the season can correct imbalances in the body, and following an ongoing treatment plan throughout the sports season can help the young athletes perform better during their play.

It is advisable for young kids/teenagers/adults who are into regular sporting activities to pursue regular osteopathic treatments for prevention, maintenance and treatment for any injuries that do arise during their sports.

Consider an Osteopathic Treatment in case your young athlete is going through:

  • · Repetitive sprains

  • · Muscle tension

  • · Mental Stress

  • · Body fatigue

  • · Restricted range of motions

  • · Loss of mobility in joints, muscles, ligaments or viscera

  • · Low back pain……… and more

Let your Osteopathic Manual Practitioner identify and address the real causes of pain that would otherwise limit the sports activities of your loved ones.

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