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Caprice Boisvert

Alexander Technique & Pilates Method

Caprice Boisvert offers Alexander Technique and Pilates here at Annex RMT. She has a keen interest in anatomy, biomechanics, and how the body is designed to move. She has experience with scoliosis, hip & knee replacement, tendonitis (RSI), Parkinson’s, stenosis and cerebral palsy. Click to watch Caprice working with a patient with PD

Alexander Technique has been part of Caprice's life since 2003.  She qualified as a teacher in 2012. She makes regular visits to the Alexander Technique Centre Amsterdam, and enjoys Continuing Education opportunities with many International teachers in the Alexander Technique community. She also studies how to combine craniosacral therapy with AT, since it has had a positive impact on her own wellbeing. 

Caprice has been certified to teach the Pilates Method since 2004. She teaches in a rehabilitative style that marries well with the Alexander Technique. Pilates is not choreography: it is a system of exercise that works best when your body is well-prepared and you have an understanding of the work. Gentle and timely progression will ensure success. Caprice recently qualified as a Core Confidence Specialist which means she can work alongside your Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist to help you rehabilitate pelvic floor dysfunction. 

Caprice wants you to finish each lesson feeling better than when you began. You will learn about efficient movement patterning, which will lead to expanded movement choices.  This, in turn, will help you relinquish ineffectual movement patterns and regain natural ease, flexibility and power. This approach can relieve neck and shoulder discomfort, address back pain, release tension from the body, improve coordination, and enhance your awareness of your deep core muscles by removing the focus from the overworked, superficial muscles of the body.

Caprice has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto. She is a runner and avid cyclist.

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Caprice Boisvert
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